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Avery Grant

Long Branch

 Frank has a deep passion for his work and commitment to serving his constituents.  Equally important is that his staff is very responsive to constituents' concerns and requests for assistance.  By serving on several Congressional subcommittees he has successfully protected Social Security. He successfully supported the Affordable Health Act expanding coverage to millions, lowering health costs.  He was there when we needed help expanding the Monmouth Family Health Center in Long Branch or when we need funds for police and fire services around his district.  He also successfully opposed offshore drilling for oil and gas which, if permitted, would have severely affected the environment, our quality of life, the fishing industry, and recreation.  Additionally, he worked successfully for the Sandy Emergency Relief Package which provided assistance for New Jersey and affected states.  These are only a few of his successes.

We are fortunate to have Congressman Frank Pallone (and his staff) representing and successfully working for our well-being and for America.