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About Frank Pallone

Frank Pallone

Frank Pallone has been fighting for the people he is elected to represent since his first day in Congress. The 6th district encompasses most of Middlesex County, as well as the Bayshore and oceanfront areas of Monmouth County.

Throughout his tenure in Congress, Frank’s legislative accomplishments have been focused on the protection and restoration of environmental resources, making health care more affordable and accessible, and helping to grow and strengthen our middle class. Frank was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over a tremendous range of issue that touch nearly everyone’s life everyday - issues pertaining to energy, environment, health care, commerce and telecommunications just to name a few.

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  • Long Branch

     Frank has a deep passion for his work and commitment to serving his constituents.  Equally important is that his staff is very responsive to constituents' concerns and requests for assistance.  By serving on several Congressional subcommittees he has successfully protected Social Security. He successfully supported the Affordable Health Act expanding coverage to millions, lowering health costs.  He was there when we needed help expanding the Monmouth Family Health Center in Long Branch or when we need funds for police and fire services around his district.  He also successfully opposed offshore drilling for oil and gas which, if permitted, would have severely affected the environment, our quality of life, the fishing industry, and recreation.  Additionally, he worked successfully for the Sandy Emergency Relief Package which provided assistance for New Jersey and affected states.  These are only a few of his successes.

    We are fortunate to have Congressman Frank Pallone (and his staff) representing and successfully working for our well-being and for America. 

  • Hazlet

    "Shortly after we moved to Monmouth County Frank quickly became our champion for the NJ Shore. Our clean beaches and waterways today are a testament to his dedication to the environment over the long haul and his ability to reach across the aisle to get things done. As ranking Democrat on the Committee on Energy and Commerce, he is uniquely positioned to represent New Jersey as a leader in the US Congress."

  • Piscataway

    "I am a disabled veteran from the Vietnam era. I am a registered nurse who had worked in the Army for 3-1/2 years and in civilian life for many years who had fallen on hard times because of illness and now I needed help. I desperately needed help from the VA to prevent me from becoming homeless. I tried every thing I could to get help from the VA support services, but my situation had surpassed getting back rent help. Congressman Pallone and his staff listened to me and took action immediately. Because of all of this, I will never forget that “people still care.”

  • West Long Branch

    Frank is just really accessible, which I find is a rarity nowadays.  He's just a decent guy who cares and wants to do his best and what's right for the people he represents.

  • Mayor - Aberdeen Township

    As Mayor of Aberdeen, I can whole heartedly say that Frank has always been available to help Aberdeen. From super storm Sandy, to major fires in town to any issue facing Aberdeen, the first "how can I help"  call comes from Frank. He is caring person who knows that people come first. He has dedicated his public life to helping others. 

  • President - NJ AFL-CIO

    As President of the NJ AFL-CIO I know first-hand that Frank Pallone is a tireless advocate on behalf of working men and women. Frank possess the leadership, expertise and values needed to uplift and empower our states working families.

  • West Long Branch

    As a college professor, I am keenly aware of the value of a college education and the opportunities it affords.  Too many of my students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of debt-- making it difficult for them to make ends meet after they graduate. Frank is a vocal advocate for affordable and accessible college education.  He co-sponsored legislation to prevent subsidized Stafford student loan interest rates from doubling and has proposed legislation to help students re-fiance their college debt.  He not only understands the challenges that so many college students face in completing their education, but is actively working in Congress to make that education affordable.  For that, I am proud to support Frank this November.

  • Mayor - Piscataway Township

    “Congressman Pallone has had a significant impact on Piscataway’s population. He has worked tirelessly on our behalf by working for and with our senior population on issues such as Medicare and Medicaid. The Congressman has proved time and time again that he understands the needs of not only our community but fully recognizes and works to resolve a myriad of other issues that impact all of our communities. He remains an astute, valuable, and outstanding resource for all of us”.


  • AFSCME New Jersey Council 63
  • National Association of Social Workers - PACE
  • NJ State Policemen's Benevolent Association
  • Garden State Equality
  • Human Rights Campaign PAC
  • NJ Fraternal Order of Police
  • SMART Transportation Division
  • Friends of Intelligent Democracy
  • Sierra Club
  • Alliance for Retired Americans